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On-Air » Ella Black
Ella Black's Bio
I’ve always thought radio had the best picture. I mean, what has a better picture than your imagination? You won’t hear your mother say “Turn off the Radio, you’re rotting your brain.” Instead she says, “Crank it up!”  Radio is like storytelling meets modern technology, and it’s rich with history. That’s why I love it.

I’m an 80’s chick at heart. Foreigner rocks my world. But whenever you walk by the studio and Hall & Oats, George Benson, The Spinners, Steely Dan, Journey or MJ is on… you’ll ask yourself when did they add another singer to that track? The answer is never, I just can’t help but sing along because the music sweeps me away. Rhythmic magic blaring from the speakers, what else in life can you possibly ask for?

When I’m not in the studio and have some time to myself, you can find me at a coffee shop writing or looking up cooking recipes, the newest breakthrough in science or what NASA is up to. When it gets warmer I’d like to get back into playing tennis or archery.
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